Podcast Launch

Finally! After a LOT of discussion and planning, Ben and Pastor Alex were able to sit down and record episode 1. Both being somewhat long winded, no surprise that there will be a second part to it!

I am so excited to launch Unleashing Truth on the 27th. It has been the culmination of many hours of personal growth, ideating, and learning. Episode 1 focuses primarily on my story, what brought me to this place, the tragic wreckage that is in my past, some trauma discussion, and Pastor Alex brings his insightful questions along with some deep wisdom that only comes through years of experience.

I’ve thought a lot about how to tell my story. How much to share, how much to hold back. How honest can I be about the chaos that reigned in my life while being respectful of the many people who have been deeply impacted along the way. I definitely don’t have it all figured out yet. And there have been mixed reactions when I’ve really opened up and told some of the darkness of my past, and present. But I believe ultimately that there is healing in the telling. And the reactions have been far more positive than negative. I hope you will find encouragement from the dark paths I have walked and that hearing it from someone else will give you hope that there is healing on the other side. You can heal, you can be free. You are worthy of love. If you were wounded in childhood (that’s all of us) you can become the advocate for yourself that you never had. The journey of self awareness is not without its challenges. There are days I wish I could go back to ignorance. But then my new mind takes control and says “go back to what?” There is no turning back now, I am thankful, so very thankful for the many friends I have made on this journey so far. Some of the deepest most intimate relationships I have ever known. And really, I am just getting warmed up. So sit back, hear my story, if it resonates with you, I hope you will keep coming back and listening as the new chapters of my life are written, and that hope will wash over you propelling you into your own healing journey.


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