The Mission

We don’t push each other to be better. We unleash the power already at work within us by: eliminating shame, confronting pain, and allowing ourselves to no longer be stifled behind the masks and false fronts we wear to protect ourselves.

I was absolutely trapped. Stuck in deep patterns that had defined my life and ruined most of my relationships. Then it all changed, I discovered what ACTUALLY drives me! The why behind every choice I made, how I showed up for other people, or more often, didn’t. I learned that there is not a simple one size fits all apporach to a healing journey, but we can all benefit from the power of the Enneagram to reveal our deepest motivations and what makes us tick. I am quite simply a life long learner, devoted to being more curious and less judgmental in every area of life especially toward myself. I have 4 amazing little boys who challenge me every single day to keep plugging away and to not ever give up. Generational change takes time, healing from trauma takes time, the journey and the connections along the way have made it all worthwhile.